Yes, you can make things better.

Yes, the work you do can carry purpose.
Yes, you can master an art and be the very best you can be at it, intentionally.
Yes, it’s good to want more; It’s actually how you make CHANGE happen.

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  • Delicious, beautiful, comfortable

    Beautiful Boots, Amazing Craftmanship and Comfort second to none. The service provided by the team has been spectacular: Everything from pre-sales, to shipping, to post-sales support has been nothing short of textbook perfect. I purchased more product after my first experience and plan to purchase more in the near future. If you're on the fence and considering, don't think about it any longer and make the purchase -- you won't regret it.

    — Kelly Keiderling bought Lavale Beach Boots Limited Edition

  • Excelente/Love them

    I own two pairs or boots (green and blue). Love them both.
    The look smart and super comfortable. They go great with jeans. The blue I even use with chinos and a jacket for those semi formal days.
    Craftsmanship is superior, as is service.

    — Alfie bought B. Rebel Boots

  • The most comfortable leather boots ever

    The most comfortable leather boots ever
    I ordered the Atacama boots from US, they arrived a few days after they were made. It was totally worth the wait. The leather is so soft specially the insole, it is so comfortable. I also own a few different brands handcrafted in Italy and I would dare to say Capita boots are comparable with an even softer insole. Kudos for Uruguay!

    — Gerardo bought Atacama Leather Boots

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  • Materials Matter

    Inspired by nature, the shades we choose include classic and non-conventional colors. Some models will be made using an unusual shade, while others will incorporate color inside, choosing the correct material for each component is crucial and we don't hesitate to experiment with non-conventional techniques in order to achieve the look we aim for.

  • True Craftsmanship

    Our boots and shoes are manufactured in a facility located in Santa Lucía, in Uruguay’s Canelones Department, some 55 minutes from Montevideo.
    We mix state-of-the-art technology with old-school techniques. We work hard to preserve and pass down to new generations. Some very talented shoe artisans hand-finish every pair of CÁPITA boots and shoes combining different methods.
    We believe in people, promoting human values, and constant evolution. We are committed to help our team evolve and improve in all aspects of their lives. And we inspire customers to do the same.

We believe every step counts, and therefore must be seen and heard. Just like stepping into a Saloon, the sound of a CÁPITA man’s soles mark his presence as soon as he enters the room.

CAPITA men share one particular characteristic:
They go the extra mile. They take things one step further. They share our spirit.
Leader, Entrepreneur, Professional, Interesting and Interested.

Mindful, lives in the present while building for the future.
Hard working by nature, he is conscious of having taken advantage of every opportunity that has been presented to him in life. A path-opening change seeker, with an open mind that thinks outside the box to make things differently, better.

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