2021 & CAPITA

2021 & CAPITA

2021 is the year of the Ox.

And just like the Ox we worked hard and steady through uncertainty to give start to what we believe will be a year of opportunities.

Let's reset and Remind ourselves of the fun we have when we just DO.

2021 brings along Collaborations and Limited editions Projects.

May we always remember why we started and why we love what we do. May we always keep our core values in mind:


True Craftmanship  

 *artisan*_Adjective_( used before noun)

Made in a traditional way by someone who is skilled with their hands.

The UNESCO definition emphasizes the value that resides on the transformation undergone by a product that is intervened manually.

And so?Artisanal products encapsulate the knowledge, technique and creativity of a specific set of hands, becoming a roadmap to the craftsman, the creator, the material used. Almost like a fingerprint, an artisanal product is robust with information , a story waiting to be told.

Breathing life into our boots is made possible thanks to the « human factor », our continuous work with the varied people set on working together.


Collective Spirit

No man stands alone. And we at CAPITA are no exception. 

For contributing with your inputs, for walking in our shoes , for being part of our everyday efforts, THANK YOU. 

We build 2021 side by side.