The Spark

I watched the Shanghai landscape drift away as we got closer to the airport. It was my 6th business trip to Asia and, while I loved what I did, something in the picture wasn´t right. I thought of my first time there, and the excitement and all of the learning that had come with it and with the trips that followed. But something had changed.

As I waited for my flight to board… I thought of the reality back home. As the Chinese market grew, in Uruguay, more and more factories were shutting down. Consumption was up, but local manufacturing was dropping by the minute. All of a sudden, a number of highly qualified people - many of them artisans capable of crafting luxurious products- found themselves jobless. Even though I was growing professionally, I couldn’t just stand there and see our manufacturing industry die.

Something inside me lit up. As if something much greater than myself had struck my heart. I had to do something. I had to take action. I felt the responsibility to create new opportunities. So I decided to take the first step. And since everything starts with a single step, I decided to make shoes: Shoes that would blow people’s minds.

Why The Fox?

Our Imagotype is an illustration of a half-organic, half-synthetic fox and represents the balance between Animal Instinct and Reason. It’s the coexistence of our two halves.

We’re driven by a basic instinct, by an impulse that pushes us to take action, but it is our reason that really gives meaning to that impulse and turns it into significant, thoughtful action.

The Fox is an intriguing, solitary animal associated with cleverness. Wise, resourceful, quick thinking, and a true survivor, the fox is also admired for its beauty and enigmatic expression. Discrete, the Fox keeps a low profile in spite of mastering the secrets of the woods and surrounding environment.

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